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Hebei Tomato


Tomato Ketchup
Sun ripened and succulent tomatoes go into the making of our Tomato Ketchup having perfect consistency and addictive taste. These table sauces we offer have rich and rounded flavors that pair delectably well with burgers, french fries, and everyday meals like pastas and noodles.
Canned Tomato Paste
Canned Tomato Paste we offer is an essential pantry staple that can be be used to tickle taste buds of epicureans who enjoy the tangy and flavorful taste of ripe tomatoes. Each can has in its heart the goodness of juicy tomatoes blended well with just the right amount of salt, citric acid, calcium chloride, etc.
Tomato Paste
A dollop of our Tomato Paste is all that you need for deepening the taste & texture of various dishes. Concentrated pastes we offer made by simmering tomatoes in a bath of salt and rich spices taste divinely good and are also rich in Vitamin A & C.
Tomato Powder
Ripe and luscious tomatoes are spray dried and crushed into this delicate Tomato Powder that can be rehydrated with water for making your very own tomato paste. Loaded with lycopene, the powder is low on sodium, saturated fat and contains no anti-caking agents.
Bouillon Cubes
Now give a rich and appetizing flavor to cooked stews, broths, soups, curries and gravies in a matter of minutes using our Bouillon Cubes. Both veg and non-veg cubes we offer are shelf-stable for many months and are absolutely loved by fans of instant cooking.
Canned Fish
Canned Fish we offer is as good as fresh fishes and can be refrigerated for many months. A powerhouse of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, and vitamin D, we bring to the table a wide variety of tinned fish packed with fishes of different flavor and texture.
Dry Yeast
Dry Yeast we offer is widely used for leavening or expanding different varieties of bread before initiating the baking process. Use of this yeast leads to production of light and airy breads and other products. The product is convenient to use and can be purchased at quite an affordable price
Luncheon Meat
Grab our Luncheon Meat to make savoury burgers, pastas and pizzas. This canned and precooked meat is tasty and completely free from MSG or other harmful preservatives. Plus, no coloring or flavoring additives are found in these meat products. Different tin sizes are on offer and we also sell this meat in bulk amounts.
Frozen Strawberry
Get frozen fresh and succulent strawberries right at your doorstep with us. Frozen Strawberry we offer can be a great addition to many of your summer recipes. These are as good as fresh strawberries and contain ample amounts of vitamin C. These strawberries are ideal for making delectable slushy pops, salads, puddings, ice creams and cakes.
Canned Green Peas
Reap the benefits of healthy eating with our provided range of Canned Green Peas. Quite similar to their fresh counterparts, these peas can be a great low calorie addition to any diet. Toss a few on your salads or gravies to enjoy benefits of nutrients like iron, vitamin A and vitamin C.
Coconut Water
Rich in many essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, amino acids, etc., the Coconut Water or Nariyal Paani we offer is a delicious low calorie drink that will keep you hydrated and rejuvenated. This clear and sweet liquid derived from fresh and tender coconuts is extremely good for your hair and skin health.

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